AUT Students Visit Dana Energy’s Oil Tools Factory

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Earlier this month, students from Amirkabir University of Technology visited Dana Energy as part of the Bavar program, which introduces fresh graduates to the energy sector. Organized by our Human Resources Department, the visit included a tour of the Dana Energy Oil Tools factory.

This event was organized per AUT’s request, reflecting our commitment to fostering strong industry-academia partnerships. During the visit, students had the opportunity to explore the production and assembly lines. Mr. Naser Raeisi, Operation Manager, provided an in-depth overview of the manufacturing processes, well specifications, and the intricate machinery used in our operations. His insights offered students a firsthand look at the complexities and innovations involved in oil tools production.

Following this, Mr. Farshid Hedayati, Onshore Projects Manager, shared the rich history of Dana Energy and the Oil Tools factory, highlighting the company’s growth and contributions to the energy sector. 

The Bavar program is designed to provide students with a tangible connection to their academic studies, allowing them to witness the practical application of their knowledge. By engaging with industry professionals and observing real-world operations, students gain invaluable insights into potential career paths, empowering them to make informed decisions about their future careers.

Through these visits, Dana Energy aims to attract talented university students, reinforcing our belief that the synergy between industry and academia is built on a foundation of shared knowledge and innovation. We are proud to support the next generation of energy professionals, contributing to a brighter future for the oil and gas industry in Iran.



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