Corporate Finance Manager


  • Managing capital market financing in a variety of methods, including remittance bonds and etc, managing the supply and acceptance process, registering financial institutions and publishers, and providing applicants with associated services.
  • Project administration and supervision.
  • Financial modeling and financial performance evaluation using financial tools.
  • Marketing, providing corporate finance services to holding subsidiary companies, and managing interactions with subsidiary companies in the areas of corporate finance services or other fields determined by management.
  • Interaction management with financiers and financial service providers (supply and acceptance, etc.).
  • Preparing operational and financial reports for certain time periods for presentation to the group’s board of directors and specialized committees.
  • Planning the unit’s annual and quarterly goals and budget, as well as drafting a weekly action plan, and keeping the company’s management informed of the unit’s most recent projects.
  • Collaborating in modifying and updating the company’s financial statements.


  • Master’s degree in Finance, Economics, Management, Financial Accounting, or an MBA graduate. 
  • 7 years of managerial experience in financial and investment fields.
  • Budgetary and financial issues and standards.
  • Analysis of investment opportunities.
  • Financial and economic modeling.