At Dana Energy we believe in the fundamental importance of trust, honesty, respect, teamwork, professionalism and pride in what we do.

Our values of Integrity, Commitment and Knowledge are the building blocks of our DNA and the basis of how we conduct ourselves in all aspects of the business:

We show individual and collective Commitment to create value for all our shareholders and earn their confidence in being a reliable energy partner and a contributor to sustainable development. In other words, we see ourselves bounded by what we say and promise to deliver the best.

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Our adherence to Integrity, honesty and respect is evident in our storied past and the reason for our success and the key to our thriving future. We promote a culture that encourages an exemplary ethical conduct, fiduciary duties and commitment to compliance and policies on Health, Security, Safety, the Environment and Social Performance.

Dana Energy - About Us > Values - Integrity

Knowledge, the basis of our company name (Dana), is the determining factor of our stance as a leading thinker and promoter of best practice in our industry. We are proud of seeing the commitment and professionalism of our employees to continuous improvement through sharing of knowledge.

Dana Energy - About Us > Values - Knowledge

Our growth is only achieved by staying true to our values and believing in their impact on us, colleagues, industry and society.