The world today increasingly demands diverse forms of energy. Oil and natural gas, still remain a key energy source that represents over half of the world's supply of primary energy. As part of this division’s business, we are comprehensively engaged in creating more value from hydrocarbon resources and building a green portfolio of renewable energy businesses. We are active in petrochemical industry, trading of crude oil and petroleum products and power generation from renewable sources.

Petrochemical Business

The petrochemical industry will be the main source of demand for oil in upcoming decades, putting it in a unique position for value creation within the industry. Our life in a modern world is interdependent with wide applications of petrochemical products, from food packaging and health material to agriculture and automobile industries.

As part of our mission to invest in energy business, we integrated our deep technical knowledge of chemical industry and broad network of investors, suppliers and customers into our strategy for sustainable value creation in petrochemical industry.

Presence in a region, which is uniquely rich in hydrocarbon resources, enables us to secure adequate feedstock for petrochemical production. Our record of accomplishment in delivering mega-projects and deploying state of the art licenses and technologies enables us to achieve Dana Energy’s strategic goals aiming at even more value creation from hydrocarbon resources and building a diversified portfolio of investment through the value chain of oil and gas industry.

Renewable Energies

Solar is a safe, clean and increasingly affordable source of renewable energy. While there are several methods for conversion of sunlight energy to electricity, the widespread use of conventional photovoltaics (PV) has played a key role in increasing people’s access to electricity in a sustainable and environmental-friendly way.

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Solar is an inexpensive source of electricity, competitive with or in many places cheaper than coal or gas plants. Continuous enhancements in solar technologies and global support for low-carbon sources of energy, has made solar power one of the most attractive destinations for energy investment.

Our solar farm, in accordance with its policy toward the renewable energy technologies, have been collaborating with the leading technology companies to deploy excellent processes and technologies.