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Having been developed since the flourish in our drilling activities, Oil Tools is one of the most major and crucial sections of Dana Energy’s manufacturing services. With the aim of addressing the country's need for the technology, along with our commitment and passion to complete the chain of activities in the drilling industry, we create added value by relying on our manufacturing capabilities. At present we are producing different completion tools for oil and gas wells. We tend to transcend the manufacturing spectrum in the drilling industry into new stages of growth and development.

We can manufacture well-completion tools with a reservoir pressure coefficient of 5000 psi, in mass. We aim to manufacture more high-quality down-hole tools with a reservoir pressure coefficient of 7500 and 10000 psi, on a research and development basis. We provide a comprehensive range of fully integrated “Completion Systems,” which package and integrate equipment, products, processes, procedures, and programs to provide a combination of best-in-class and fit-for-purpose products and services.

We aim at creating the missing piece which can lead to improved well performance, increased well safety, extended well life, and in the long run, improved cost efficiency for the operator. We develop ideas and fulfill them from concept to creation, and further on, to commercialization. These could be internal or external ideas and concepts regarding well-bore technology for the oil and gas exploration and production industry.