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We are a leading regional explorer for Iran’s oil and gas fields and after nearly two decades of growth and development with exceptional success rate in numerous oil and gas projects across Iran and the Middle East, we have diversified our business and provide services from exploration wells to end client . Our ambition to operate along the entire energy value chain is driven by our need to explore potentials, dedication to our values and building a business that safety, equality and sustainability is at its core. Our activities are managed through three business segments, experts teams and offices in the region.

Exploration and Production

Since 2000 we have always looked at obstacles as challenges to be relished in order to grow. We are always pushing the limits to overcome the challenges we face in the oil and gas industry. This ability has taken us to exploration and production where we have found new ways to utilize our expertise in this industry and drive innovation. Our emphasis on innovation in exploration and production is to recover valuable resources in the most efficient, responsible and sustainable way possible.

We have a strong reputation in some of Iran’s most prolific oil and gas basins, that shows our competitive edge over the competition. We are Iran’s preferred operator in the field of exploration as a result of our commitment to safety, constant improvement, great collaboration, and creating value for all our stakeholders. We aim for a rich and balanced portfolio in our exploration and production division .

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Oilfield Services

The backbone of our company which includes a diverse range of services including seismic services, data processing and subsurface imaging, well construction, rig provision and management and a wide range of drilling services such as cementing and acidizing and provision of drill bits and downhole tools. We acquired our first seismic project and service provision in 2002 and gradually we expanded our operation to offshore and onshore projects mostly in southern and western parts of Iran and South Pars gas field located in the Persian Gulf.

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The world today increasingly demands diverse forms of energy. As part of this division’s business, we are comprehensively engaged in overseas-related operations including trading of crude oil and petroleum products. We aim to further improve our sales infrastructure through efforts to expand trading business fields and boost cost competitiveness. In addition to conventional source of energies , we take a pragmatic approach to renewable energy sources by pursuing and focusing on technologies that leverage our local strengths.

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