Iranians hopeful to learn tacit knowledge from foreign partners

As new petroleum contracts are in the final stage of processing, Iranian experts have been weighing how to transfer the upstream technology from multinational partners to their fellow companies.

The Iranian oil and gas industry has been underdeveloped in the recent years due to external pressure, namely international sanctions. Since the lifting of sanctions in January, industry officials have been urging global energy companies to resume investing in Iran’s upstream projects on the condition that they agree to transfer their know-how and knowledge to the Iranian side in the mid run.

The new petroleum contracts Iran has recently unveiled, dubbed as IPCs, seek to maximize productivity by focusing on efficiency in the oil and gas fields Iran shares with neighboring countries. The long term of the new contract could provide enough time for the Iranian side to illicit the knowledge they need for the development of oil and gas fields.

“We already began finding solutions to the problem, which is actually how to take the most advantage of the partnership with the multinational companies interested in the Iranian energy market,” said Mehdi Mansoori, technology development manager at Dana Energy’s exploration and production segment.

He said he hopes that his company will soon sign contracts with world energy companies, and in the mid run their colleagues would be able to learn “tacit knowledge” from the European partners. He explained that this is the kind of knowledge that is difficult to transfer to another party by means of writing it down or verbalizing it.

It will be easy to obtain necessary procedures and training in the exploration and production sector, but “what we have to focus on is the tacit knowledge and the patents, which will take us months or even years to learn,” he added.

“We assume that we can obtain the expertise we need after handling a few projects jointly with the European partners,” he said. “We already prepared a roadmap to hit our set targets in 5-10 years. We have a team of engineers and experts with maximum absorption capacity – a must for learning how to absorb the knowledge in the shortest time possible.”

Mehdi Mansoori
Reservoir Engineering Team Leader
Exploration & Production