Dana Energy implementing ITIL

As a leading private energy sector in Iran, Dana Energy has been implementing the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world, since a couple of years ago.

Mohammad Ali Tafti, the company’s ICT director, believes that IT, as a business enabler, must be able to reduce the cost of doing business. “To that end, we’ve begun implementing ITIL, which is a best practice framework that has been drawn from the public and private sectors internationally,” he said.

In upstream projects, in particular, the cost of doing business is relatively high, and ITIL could help energy giants avoid any “interruption in business continuity,” he noted. “In other words, IT solutions help top executives to forecast and reduce business risks,” he added.

ICT experts believe that the initiatives taken by IT, like automating business processes, reducing cycle times, improving data center efficiency, reducing operating costs, providing actionable alerts and dashboards are of much importance by leading companies, as all these can enable a smooth transition from decision to action.

According to Tafti, ITIL helps us to see what consequences or impacts our decisions could have on various IT operations.

Dana Energy’s ICT team has tried to implement ITIL processes, a rare effort among Iranian energy companies. “We have already completed eight out of the 15 processes and will work hard to implement the rest in the coming few years,” he said.

Mohammad Ali Tafti
ICT Director