Our Approach

Sustainability is an integral part of everything that we do and our framework is to build around the three pillars of economic, social and environment. We have embedded these pillars into our values and operations in a transparent and accountable manner to achieve a safe, efficient and profitable business. We see ourselves as the custodian of shaping a more sustainable long term business that benefits the wider communities in which we operate in.

Our sustainability strategy and commitments, which are aligned to the principles of the UN Global Compact, will support our strategic priorities, specifically the provision of a safe and sustainable environment, and the engagement, attraction, development and retention of people.

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Our sustainability strategy

Our sustainability vision is to solve tomorrow’s energy challenges explore potentials and propel the future.

We make sure that as a business we provide a balance between managing risk and unlocking opportunities that deliver long-term value to our business, our employees, our communities and ultimately our partners.

We have aligned our commitments to the UN Global Compact principles with our values and behaviors, ensuring these are embedded within our policies, procedures and standards.

Doing the right thing is none negotiable to us and we ensure this by monitoring our progress through the Global Compact’s KPIs and functional strategy and targets.

The key areas we incorporate into our business are:

  • Human & Labor Rights : Diversity & Inclusion, Human rights, Health & Safety.
  • Environment: Environmental management, Carbon management, Resource efficiency.
  • Anti-bribery & Corruption: Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, Anti-bribery & corruption, Supply chain.
  • Community: Educational partnerships, Strategic partnerships, Community investment.

Progress against these key areas of focus can be found through our sustainability report