The Geotechnical Drilling business has been able to achieve significant success by optimizing skilled experts and a vast scope of drilling equipment with the aim of providing drilling services to geophysical and mining companies. Considering the wide range of service requirements in the market, the company is moving towards diversifying its basket of services that are offered to the clients.

Drilling seismological holes for exploratory oil and gas projects is the core of the geotechnical activities, which has been achieved through relying on the technical expertise of our specialists and a vast portfolio of assets and equipment at hand that have enabled us to operate drilling in all types of geographical and topographical locations, including hard mountainous terrain (which require helicopters), mountainous, semi-mountainous, and smooth terrain.

The Geotechnical business assets consist of two heavy drilling trucks (Buggy), 8 tractor drilling rigs (HY-T100), 40 portable and detachable drilling machines (DORFAK), 40 portable and detachable drilling machines (Agile), 10 optimized portable drilling compressors carried by helicopter, over 80 high-pressure air compressor machines that are suitable for all topographical and mountainous conditions with limited access and a significant number of drilling accessories and side equipment provide us with the possibility of successful and high-quality execution of all types of seismological operations in any scale. These capabilities and assets make us confident about guaranteeing the outcome of any project within the set timeframe.


This business acquired licenses by Integrated Management System (IMS), Quality Management System HSE-MS and standards of ISO14001:2015, ISO9001:2015, ISO45001:2018