At Dana Energy safety is one of our core values and the foundation of our business. Due to the inherent risks associated with the nature of our business, safety has always been a top priority of ours. Our approach to safety towards our most valuable resources, the people, including our employees, contractors, clients and communities and their well-being consists of the identification of possible risks and prevention of incidents by means of placing necessary safeguards and safety measures along with raising awareness regarding unsafe acts and conditions. This is embodied throughout the different stages of our projects at corporate and operational levels to satisfy our aim of achieving zero harm.

Dana Energy is proactively establishing a strong safety culture throughout our entire business by executing relevant trainings and practices to elevate the emergency preparedness of our employees and enhance our safety performance across our professional activities. Additionally, Dana Energy deems the health and well-being of employees as an exceptionally valued matter and has implanted suitable initiatives and measures to maintain vitality of our people and prevent work related health risks.