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Dana Energy’s Well Services Business Unit, established in 2007, has consistently delivered a wide range of services in the well services sector, including well cementing, stimulation, completion, repair, and engineering. Our success is driven by a proficient and experienced workforce, up-to-date technical expertise, and modern equipment.

Our diverse business lines give us a significant competitive edge. They enable us to provide comprehensive services across the entire lifecycle of oil and gas well projects customized to meet our clients’ specific requirements. This ability has positioned us as a reliable and trusted partner for both onshore and offshore clients in recent years.



Our cementing services have been vital to our service offerings from the beginning. We have employed these services in more than 11 offshore drilling projects in South Pars and in the oilfields of the Persian Gulf area spanning from the Strait of Hormuz to the Forouzan field.

Our extensive network of facility and support bases, strategically located in Ahwaz, Kish Island, and Bushehr port, enable us to provide round-the-clock support for offshore drilling projects.
We possess three bulk cement plant systems, located in Kish Island, Ahwaz, and Bushehr, enabling the supply and delivery of over 700 metric tons of bulk cement daily, either neat or blended with lightweight and heavyweight additives, for both onshore and offshore projects. In addition to the capacity of bulk cement plant systems located at these bases, we also have more than 20 portable bulk cement silos, enabling us to supply and store over 800 tons of various types of oil well cement, both neat and blended types.

We possess 7 owned cementing pump units available, capable of operating at both 10K psi and 15K psi. These pumps are Skid/Trailer Mounted and come equipped with a data acquisition system for monitoring cement slurry pumping and other fluids during operations.

In addition, we leverage the capabilities of quality subcontractor equipment to enhance our operations. We also maintain a sufficient inventory of cementing surface equipment, including Cementing Swedge and Cementing Heads in various sizes, air compressors, C-pumps and 500-barrel Solution Tanks.

Moreover, with an ample supply of high-pressure iron lines and valves, our operations remain effectively supported. With this setup, we are capable of providing service to cementing projects concurrently in various regions of the country.

In most Liner cementing operations, we have two Batch Mixer units with capacities of 100 and 150 barrels, respectively, for producing homogeneous and high-quality cement slurries, tailored to meet the precise requirements of our clients. One of the distinctive features of our cementing services is the capability to source and utilize high-quality additives from reputable domestic and international suppliers. We also maintain standard inventories of these additives, referred to as Safe Stock, for drilling 10 complete wells, both onshore and offshore.

The diversity of our products and cement additives enables us to design and construct various types of cement slurries, ranging from lightweight to heavyweight, addressing challenges encountered during drilling, operation, and remedial operation in the oil and gas fields. This flexibility allows us to align with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set by our clients, and further positions us as best-in-class service and solution providers to domestic and international clients.



 Parallel to our Cementing Services, our Stimulation Services commenced operations in South Pars gas projects and oil wells in the Persian Gulf waters in 2009. Leveraging the capabilities of our company’s proprietary equipment, such as On-Platform/Onshore Mixing and Pumping Packages, we have been actively contributing to the client’s requirement. The operational bases on Kish islands and Ahwaz, coupled with the HCl acid storage facility at Pars Asalouye port, have consistently provided 24/7 support for Acidizing and well stimulation projects in both onshore and offshore fields.

A key distinguishing feature of our Stimulation Services business line is the possession of a proprietary well stimulation vessel equipped with an Acid On the Fly system. This cutting-edge technology positions us competitively on the global stage, offering top-notch quality and modern equipment within the field of Stimulation Vessels.

In fact, we proudly own the unique well stimulation vessel in the Middle East that incorporates a comprehensive array of capabilities, including High-Pressure Pumping units, Acid and Chemical Storage and Handling, a Well Clean-Up Burner and Choke Manifold System, a 180K N2 Pump along with 7000-gallon N2 Tank. This unique combination of features highlights our commitment to providing advanced and comprehensive solutions in the field.



Since the beginning of our Drilling Fluids Services in late 2022, coinciding with the South Azadegan project’s launch, we have harnessed the expertise of our skilled professionals to optimize Dana Energy’s internal drilling operations. As we expanded our operations to include the West Paydar 3 project and other exploration and production activities, our in-house team has been committed to delivering comprehensive drilling fluid and waste management solutions across all projects.

Successfully completing drilling fluid and supplementary fluid services for 7 wells in South Azadegan, along with 3 maintenance wells, and 6 wells in West Paydar 3, our team continues to provide engineering, design, and implementation expertise in drilling fluid management. This detailed approach ensures the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

In parallel with our drilling fluid services, we have designed and implemented our first drilling waste management complex, featuring:

  • A 900-barrel Buffer Tank equipped for mixing, aerating, and sedimentation-based solid particle separation.
  • A state-of-the-art, fully automatic dewatering unit for chemical separation and wastewater purification.
  • A high-pressure automatic filtration system based on particle size separation technology.
  • A versatile pump array, including Centrifugal, AODD, Cavity Screw, Dosing, submersible, and Sewage Pumps, capable of handling fluid and sewage at rates ranging from 1 to 100 gallons per minute.
  • A workshop container outfitted with maintenance equipment for on-site rig support.

Utilizing this equipment enables the implementation of a Zero Discharge method, initiated with the exploration management project in Changuleh 2 well. We are currently advancing the construction and commissioning of two additional drilling waste management sets to equip all our rigs.

To strengthen our support for ongoing projects at the Ahwaz base, we have optimized warehouse services, ensured timely material delivery, and established a quality control laboratory for drilling fluids. This strategic enhancement ensures high-quality service delivery.

Our engineering unit, fortified by knowledgeable and dedicated professionals, has significantly contributed to achieving project objectives. We employ specialized methods to minimize material usage in drilling fluid construction, wastewater treatment, and drilling log stabilization, thereby enhancing drilling quality while reducing time and costs.

In line with our commitment to continuous improvement, we are developing the operational and laboratory infrastructures at our Kish base to effectively extend our service capabilities to marine projects.



Coiled Tubing is an essential tool for cementing services, well rehabilitation, and repair operations in both offshore and onshore projects. Our well services utilize a 1-1/2″ Coiled Tubing device complemented by accessories such as a 4-1/16″ BOP, Hydraulic Power Pack System, and Fishing and Milling Accessories. This setup enables us to offer a comprehensive range of services, including unloading operations, well circulation, lightening operations, solvent injection, well acidizing, residue finding, milling and reaming of well residues, sediment cleaning, and mechanical cleaning of the wellbore.

Our experienced team, equipped with high technical knowledge, provides these services along with technical and operational recommendations tailored to each operation. By leveraging simulations and expertise, we aim to minimize operational time and reduce costs for our clients and partners.

Given the increasing demand for production enhancement and well repair in the onshore and offshore markets, our Coiled Tubing services play a pivotal role in meeting the needs of our valued customers through our comprehensive coiled tubing package.



To enhance client satisfaction and expand our range of services for well drilling and Work-over, the Integrated Well Services section started its services with a focus on two specialized branches: Slick Line and H2S Services.

The Slick Line service was started in 2023 to cater to intra-group projects, streamline operational costs, and expedite service delivery. Our offerings include the removal of scale, wax, and sand deposits from production pipes, the installation of Bridge Plugs and conduits, valve replacements related to Gas Lift operations, balance finding procedures, and the installation of Completion Packers. All these services, executed with precision and safety in both new and rehabilitated wells, are performed using advanced Slick Line equipment.

As of early 2024, we are pleased to have acquired two Slick Line units with capacities of 90 and 110 HP, and in response to market demand for Rig-Less operations in well repair and rehabilitation within intra-group projects, we have launched our H2S services.



Dana Energy’s Well Services is dedicated to enhancing the production, integrity, and work-over of oil and gas wells. Whether dealing with newly completed wells or conducting work-over on existing ones, our team utilizes advanced remedial and stimulation techniques to optimize well performance. Currently, we hold the contract for supplying the 460K Snubbing Unit in work-over projects for IOOC.

One of our core strengths lies in our comprehensive selection of Downhole Tools. Tailored to meet client-specific requirements, our tools are essential for operations such as plugging, selective stimulation, casing and string leak test, well abandonment, and squeezing operations. By leveraging modern, high-quality equipment that meets international market standards, we ensure superior service delivery.

Our inventory includes various sizes of Cement Retainers and Bridge Plugs, ranging from 13 3/8″ for wall pipe applications to 5″ for lining pipe installations. Available at our support bases in Kish, Bushehr, and Ahwaz, these devices can be deployed at various depths and well angles—from vertical to horizontal. Installation methods include mechanical, hydraulic, and wireline options.

We offer Bridge Plugs in Cast Iron and Composite materials, both easily drillable, as well as in Corrosion-Resistant Alloy (CRA) types, suitable for wells with varying pressure and corrosion conditions.

Additionally, our Test Packers are available in sizes from 13 3/8″ to 5″. These tools are crucial for detecting leaks in the wall pipe body and lining edge. We also specialize in wellhead spool replacement operations and dual-stage securing using Test Packers and Retrievable Packers, which are crucial for both onshore and offshore well integrity.

Beyond individual tools, Dana Energy provides comprehensive well intervention solutions. Our offerings include equipping vessels with High Rate/Low Rate offshore and onshore clean-up packages. Integrated services are also available, designed specifically for the execution of stimulation and intervention operations in oil and gas wells.