Integrated Drilling Services

Cementing and Stimulation

With over 16 years of experience in cementing and acidizing services, we have expanded our offerings to include Integrated Drilling Services (IDS) to meet the evolving needs of our customers. As the first Iranian company to supply and operate a modern Snubbing Unit 460K, we have diversified our services to include Coiled Tubing, Work Over, H2S Services, and more, positioning ourselves as a trusted partner in domestic and international markets.

With a history of over 16 years in the field of cementing and stimulation services, we have established a strong reputation for excellence. Building upon this foundation, we responded to the demands of our clients and launched our Integrated Drilling Services (IDS) unit in 2021. The main objective of IDS is to extend our service portfolio and provide a comprehensive range of drilling and production services to meet the ever-evolving market requirements.

At the beginning of IDS services implementation, we secured a contract with IOOC, becoming the first Iranian company to own a brand new operational 460K snubbing workover unit in Persian Gulf offshore fields. We also provided rental equipment to support workover, well suspension and EOR projects.

We aim to expand our market presence by establishing ourselves as a dependable service provider offering a comprehensive range of services, including Coiled Tubing Surface Well Test, MOS, H2S and Drilling Mud material services. This strategic diversification has allowed us to enter the competitive market alongside formidable companies, enabling us to deliver high-quality solutions and meet the evolving demands of our customers.

Currently, our IDS service, with the exception of our snubbing project, is working on onshore drilling rigs of South Azadegan, Changuleh and West Paydar fields by employing expert internal and external subcontractors, and at the same time, the process of purchasing modern equipment such as 1-1/2″ CTU Package, Onshore Stimulation Package, Surface Well Test Package (MOS/MOT) and H2S package is in progress.

Aligning with Dana Energy’s macro strategy, the IDS department is currently under development, positioning us as a capable and trusted partner for executing our in-house projects within Dana Energy. Moreover, we have successfully entered the competitive market by providing high-quality services. We are committed to upholding our reputation and delivering exceptional services to our Iranian and international customers.

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Cementing and Stimulation