Dana Energy strongly endorses high ethical standards encompassing the entirety of our business aspects. Compliance with our Code of Conduct adopted and administrated by the Board of Directors are obligatory to uphold transparency and fairness of our business by tackling ethical violations such as bribery and corruption. It also indicates ways in which we operate with high ethical and social standards by setting expectations for our company and subsidiaries to perform beyond the regulations.
More specifically, Dana Energy requires employees, officers, directors and those working on our behalf to comply and commit to all applicable laws. All employees are obliged to follow guidelines as expressed in the Code of Conduct, related to ethical, social, and environmental factors. In this regards, compliance trainings and refresher courses upon joining and during employment are provided to establish an active compliance culture. On the other hand, non-compliance with the Code of Conduct and standards can lead to relevant disciplinary measures.

Building a culture of shared responsibility is crucial in our team. We urge each team member to see themselves as guardians of ethical performance, regardless of their role. This collective responsibility makes integrity, honesty, and ethical conduct integral to our daily actions, surpassing mere principles. This approach ensures we not only meet but exceed our ethical obligations, creating a workplace defined by trust, transparency, and ethical excellence.