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Dana Energy’s efforts in drilling operations are focused on well solutions both onshore and offshore through engineering and execution of well construction and intervention projects that are comprised of managing the entire scope of the necessary services with decades of experience to ultimately deliver value and create credit for our clients.

We take great pride in the skills and dedication of our personnel, who continuously evaluate and improve their performance to maintain our high standards. Our team possesses expertise across a range of fields, including well engineering, onshore/offshore drilling, well services, rig management, procurement, and production engineering, enabling us to provide comprehensive support to our clients and operations as needed. Our drilling fleet and diverse competent crew is distinguished in the country, allowing us to achieve high levels of performance safely across our operations.

Having undertaken a range of offshore and onshore mega drilling projects in the country, we are currently thriving to expand our activities and services for further domestic and regional market share.

Dana Energy started execution of mega drilling projects in 2008 by developing the South Pars gas field phases 15 & 16 followed by the development of SPD 17B & 18B and delivering a total of 44 offshore wells with approximately 1.8 Billion USD in project size. Additionally, we have drilled the deepest vertical offshore well for the first time in Dana Energy’s history, using the MLS technology in Belal project.

Moreover, fulfilling successful onshore drilling projects in the Azadegan and Nargesi fields and work-over projects in West Paydar field as a contractor of IPC project, we have managed to complete and run 11 ESP pumps in the challenging western field of Iran, which can be considered as the most recent achievement of Dana Energy.