South Azadegan Field Drilling Project

Drilling Operations

The South Azadegan Drilling Project achieved remarkable milestones with the successful completion of wells, high oil production, and efficient utilization of drilling services. Despite challenges in managing multiple wells and timely procurement, effective collaboration and utilization of domestic capabilities ensured smooth execution and project success.

  • Location Dasht Azadegan, Ahwaz
  • Start Date October 2022
  • Expected End Date September 2023

The South Azadegan Turnkey Drilling Project (EPD) commenced in 2022 with the objective of drilling and completing 10 new wells in the South Azadegan field. This field is located approximately 100 km from Ahvaz, near the Iran-Iraq border. The project is being carried out utilizing our 3 owned rig fleet. 

This project is a significant part of the South Azadegan field development plan, fulfilled by the client, Petropars Company, and intended for delivery to the Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC). Based on the operational outcome and reservoir studies, 6 wells have been successfully drilled, and 3 additional wells have undergone workover and completion. Currently, the last well is anticipated to be drilled within the next 3 months, with the expectation of delivering all committed wells to the client. 

Given the EPD nature of this project, our team is dedicated to conducting detailed engineering of procurement and operations, ensuring the timely supply of goods, and utilizing top-notch drilling services to complete the project within the allocated timeframe and budget. Our primary focus is on attaining maximum satisfaction from the stakeholders. So far, we have successfully achieved the project goals, with registered progress of 93%.

The production of 4,500 barrels from a single well in the Azadegan field has been one of the remarkable achievements of this project. This significant outcome was accomplished following the successful completion and stimulation operations, utilizing the maximum capacity of our domestic construction capabilities. Throughout the project, we have proudly minimized NPT and failure in equipment in the drilling services. This notable accomplishment has materialized over a span of approximately 1000 rig days, with a remarkable drilling record exceeding 25 kilometers.

Yet another significant strength of this project has been the successful utilization of Dana Energy’s Oil Tools manufactured completion string. This achievement was made possible through the collaborative efforts of integrated supervision, the client’s team, and third-party inspectors. As a result, we obtained the license to utilize the first retrievable Packer, with TRSSV Completion Assembly.

The art of project management is to create value by actively engaging stakeholders to achieve the project’s time and cost benchmarks using the least available resources.

Behnam Noroozpour, Project Manager

Effective collaboration with our client resulted in a significant reduction in the delivery time of procurement provisions from the client. This achievement holds particular significance, considering the current challenges in the supply of project procurement. It has played a crucial role in advancing the project’s goals effectively.

Another strength point of this project was the effective integration of Dana Energy’s in-house services, including cementing, drill bits, and drilling fluids. Using these capabilities, eliminated the need for outsourcing the mentioned services. 

One of the primary challenges encountered during the project was managing the drilling operation and the engineering of multiple wells drilled simultaneously, using 3 onshore rigs; as the project required the timely supply of procurements and the hiring of technical services for the wells. However, through effective utilization of our capabilities and effective collaboration with the client, we successfully navigated these challenges and ensured the smooth execution of the project on time, and on budget within the expected qualification benchmarks of the client. 

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