• Sohrab

    The Sohrab Project, a monumental collaboration between Dana Energy and the National Iranian Oil Company, aims to unlock the vast potential of the newly-discovered Sohrab oilfield while prioritizing environmental preservation and sustainability. This 20-year venture in Iran’s Khuzestan province seeks to produce 160 million barrels of oil, demonstrating a commitment to eco-conscious practices and empowering local communities.

    800 Million $


    20 Years


    1 Billion $


  • Aban West Paydar

    Dana Energy and ZN Vostok’s joint venture oversees the Aban and West Paydar fields development near the Iranian-Iraqi border. The project focuses on well workovers, facilities upgrades, and demining, aiming to raise oil production from 20,000–30,000 BPD to 40,000 BPD by year-end. Aban field, discovered in 2009, and West Paydar, active since 1978, utilize ESP pumps for most of their production. Over 40 workover jobs have been conducted, with plans for 16 more by 2023. The project pioneers Iran’s use of rent contracts for ESP pumps. Its success underscores Dana Energy’s crucial role in enhancing oil and gas extraction and boosting regional cooperation.

    IPC Project
    + 10 Years
  • West Paydar Drilling

    WP3 is an ambitious ongoing drilling and workover project in Iran’s Khuzestan province. It aims to rejuvenate 7 non-operational wells, consolidating them into a single productive entity. The project faces various challenges, including introducing a waste management system, drilling a horizontal section in the Asmari formation. WP3 is the first international Improved Petroleum Recovery (IPC) project and deals with the complexities of the West Paydar field’s unpredictable geological structure. As of June 2023, the project has made 40% progress and is expected to deliver its first oil barrels in July 2023.

    3 Rigs
    7 Wells
  • Haftkel

    Dana Energy was assigned the 3D seismic data acquisition project of Haftkel-Nafte Sefid by the National Iranian Oil Company in November 2022. The project faces challenges in collecting data in residential areas, but the team aims to find innovative solutions. Safety, health, and environmental standards are of utmost importance, and the presence of a protected area adds to the project’s responsibility in adhering to regulations.

    + 2,200 km² Covarage
    + 181,000 Shoots
    + 36 Month
  • Rig Provision

    It is proudly announced that in a tender with the presence of strong competitors best exemplified by the National Iranian Drilling Company, Petro Iran Company, and North Drilling Company, Dana Energy was awarded a contract for the provision of 72 rig months of well exploratory drilling and ancillary services by at least two 2000 horsepower drilling rigs. Under the policies and primary goals of the National Iranian Oil Company, this project will be carried out over three years (for each rig) via the acquisition of two drilling rigs to drill and test eight exploratory wells within the Iranian territory.

    72 Rig months
    Estimated time of 3 years for each rig