Energy is a fundamental resource that can significantly influence various aspects of a society, including poverty rates, literacy levels, social welfare, life expectancy, and economic progress. International organizations with humanitarian interests aim to provide communities with access to sustainable and reasonably-priced energy to fight against poverty worldwide. Energy plays a crucial role in societal development, with safe and reliable energy being vital in achieving higher living standards and improved health. Around half of the global population resides in countries with low to moderate United Nations Human Development Index rankings, necessitating significant energy growth. As the world's population is projected to reach 9.2 billion by 2040, the energy challenge is even more significant, particularly in countries with poor HDI rankings, experiencing the highest population growth rates.


Dana Energy is formed around a basic idea; contributing to the progress, prosperity and well-being of society through an excellent performance in the energy field. Our ultimate objective is to enable individuals and nations to achieve comfort and prosperity through the provision of accessible energy solutions.