Parmis Esmailinia, Subsurface Procurement Lead

Parmis emphasizes Dana Energy’s global perspective and collaborative stance, attracting international investors with its integrated approach woven into strategies, decisions, and workplace aesthetics, highlighting an essential focus on a global future.

Shahriyar KhasAhmadi, R&D Specialist

In today’s worldwide energy context, technological advancements and innovation are integral. Shahriyar explains Dana Energy’s strong focus on innovation, underscoring the significance of the R&D department. His insights highlight our continuous adoption of cutting-edge technology, a key factor in driving significant progress. Shahriyar emphasizes the crucial role of inventive solutions in propelling Dana Energy’s growth and excellence.

Vahid Daneshkhah, Project Manager

Vahid highlights human capital’s crucial role in shaping a company’s destiny, emphasizing talent acquisition’s significance and each individual’s unique contribution. Drawing from nature’s ecosystem, he commends Dana Energy’s harmonious culture for sustained growth and expresses hope for its spread in other organizations.

Shamim Payandeh, Senior Geologist

At Dana Energy, we’ve prioritized upholding clear and consistent values, as Shamim draws on her decade-long experience to underscore the vital role of mutual respect, trust, and transparency in fostering lasting human connections. She also highlights our commitment to an equitable culture, ensuring equal growth opportunities for all.

Ehsan Nosrat, Strategy Director

Ehsan sees energy as a vital pulse in global economies, with Dana Energy as a key player in Iran’s oil and gas sector. He sees human capital and agility as propelling forces for the organization. Ehsan emphasizes the impact of workforce agility, nurtured growth, wisdom, and knowledge on decisions and strategy, firmly anchoring Dana Energy’s path of progress.

Leila Adabdoost, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Over the past few years, Leila’s journey at Dana Energy has been marked by continuous growth and learning. Since joining during her sophomore year at university, she has experienced a world of opportunities unfold before her. Leila warmly invites recent graduates to explore Dana Energy’s dedicated Bavar program and embark on a journey of transformation, mirroring her own experience.

Omid Ameri, Project Manager

Omid draws from his involvement in the West Paydar project to highlight the profound impact of the oil and gas industry on society. He emphasizes the need for value-driven projects within the country and underscores the necessity of adhering to standards, frameworks, and professionalism for successful outcomes. Omid finds fulfillment and purpose in his role at Dana Energy, recognizing the significant societal value his profession contributes on a large scale.