Mohammad Iravani

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Mohammad Iravani is an accomplished leader and entrepreneur with over three decades of experience in the energy industry. With his visionary approach, he has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and keen business acumen. Throughout his career, Mohammad has successfully spearheaded strategic initiatives, optimized operations, and delivered outstanding financial performance, all within the challenging landscape of the oil and gas industry. As a dynamic leader, he has effectively led diverse teams, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. His ability to identify emerging trends and adapt proactively has led to the optimization of operations, increased efficiency, and sustainable profitability. His commitment to excellence has consistently translated into outstanding financial performance, making him a standout figure in the industry. Mohammad has always been driven by a sense of corporate responsibility, actively contributing to the betterment of communities. His journey serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of leadership, leaving a lasting legacy in the energy landscape of Iran.


Faces of Excellence: Meet Dana Energy's Inspirational Leaders

Aidin Khatlan

President, Investment

Aidin Khatlan, serving as Dana Energy’s President of Investment, stands out with his steadfast commitment to his role, marked by an outstanding work ethic and a methodical approach. With a distinguished background as a senior advisor and assistant to the Minister of Petroleum in Iran, his several years of service in this esteemed capacity have naturally transitioned to Dana Energy’s investment business segment. Here, he brings his deep-seated experience and industry insights to the forefront, playing a pivotal role in shaping the company’s strategic investments for sustained growth and success.

Mohammad Reza Iravani

Chief Administrative Officer

Mohammad Reza Iravani is a highly accomplished and visionary leader with over eighteen years of experience. His expertise encompasses people management, marketing, project management, corporate governance, relationship management, and business strategy. As a change maker, Mohammad Reza consistently drives transformative initiatives and spearheads innovation within organizations. With a profound understanding of these domains, he consistently achieves exceptional outcomes. Mohammad Reza’s strategic acumen, coupled with his adeptness and agility in navigating complex business landscapes and cultivating strong relationships, positions him as a trusted and influential leader.

Meysam Zeynali

Chief Financial Officer

With 14 years of dedicated service at Dana Energy, Meysam Zeynali excels as CFO, highlighting his expertise in the energy sector. His journey with Dana Energy commenced as an accountant, progressively advancing to Finance Manager before assuming his current position. Proficient in management, leadership, strategic planning, and financial analysis, meysam’s skills extend to skillfully overseeing our expansive financial team and nurturing positive interpersonal dynamics. His versatile capabilities epitomize a resilient operations professional.

Sadegh Shojaee

Executive Vice President, Geophysical Services

Sadegh Shojaee is an accomplished Geophysicist, bringing over 20 years of invaluable experience in the oil and gas industry’s upstream sector. Throughout his career, he has consistently delivered successful seismic data acquisition, processing, and interpretation projects within specified timelines and budgets. His expertise in addressing seismic challenges, coupled with his profound understanding of cutting-edge technology, enables him to lead product strategy and management effectively, aligning with Dana Energy’s objectives. 

Abbas Zohourian

Executive Vice President, Geotechnical Drilling

Abbas Zohourian joined Dana Energy in 2005, and throughout his tenure, he has demonstrated a great ability to blend leadership and management in project execution. He places significant emphasis on the value of time in planning and cost management for stakeholders. With a dedicated focus on enhancing productivity while maintaining cost-effectiveness and uncompromising quality, he skillfully assesses and responds to risks in a timely manner. Abbas excels in accurately estimating project prices, implementing operational strategies, and leading diverse projects in challenging terrains. His effective and reliable leadership serves as a powerful motivation for his team to achieve organizational goals with remarkable success.

Gholamreza Younesi

Executive Vice President, Drilling Operation

Gholamreza Younesi, Dana Energy’s executive vice president of Drilling Operations, brings a solid foundation in Petroleum Engineering to his role. With a robust background in rig management and drilling operations, he is recognized for his diligence, results-driven approach, collaborative spirit, and ability to navigate the complexities of the industry, leading his teams to arrive at exceptional outcomes. Assuming responsibility for a vital business division, Gholamreza became a member of Dana Energy in 2019, bringing his expertise and dynamic leadership to enhance the company’s drilling endeavors. 


Esmaeil Asgharnia

Executive Vice President, Well Services

Esmaeil Asgharnia has been serving as the Executive Vice President of Well Services since November 2020. Previously, he served as the business’s Operations Manager and began his long career in the year 2000 as a Field Laboratory Manager at HPSL (Halliburton Product and Services) company. During his 18 years with Dana Energy, he has held various offshore and onshore field development services management roles. These roles include Senior Operations Manager, Sales Manager, and Director of the Cementing and Stimulation Engineering department since 2007. Esmaeel is characterized by strong leadership qualities, excellent communication skills with clients and colleagues, and a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of the industry.

Keyvan Keikhanzadeh

Executive Vice President, Bit & Downhole Tools

Keyvan Kheikhanzadeh began his career in 1992 with Nowsco and Can-Iran, where he specialized in sales and services of coiled tubing, fracturing, and oil chemicals in Iran. Over the past three decades, he has continued his journey with CPTDC, Schlumberger, Reedhycalog, and Grandprideco, focusing on drilling bits and downhole tools. Since 2008, Keyvan has been an integral part of Dana Energy’s Drilling Operations, with a strong focus on advancing drilling technology. He has spearheaded the focus on bits, directional drilling, advanced drilling tools, and drilling optimization, collaborating with top companies in Russia, China, UAE, and beyond.

Amir Ashrafi

Executive Vice President, Tubular Connections

Amir Ashrafi has built a distinguished 23-year career in the oil and gas sector. He has been a member of Dana Energy since 2005, advancing from Geophysical Services to his current role as executive vice president of Tubular Connections. Notable is his admirable 6 years leading international geophysics projects in the Middle East, distinguished by client contentment and reciprocal knowledge sharing. Empowered by this experience, he now leads Tubular Connections operations, propelling the business with a wealth of seasoned expertise and strategic insights.

Mehdi Mansouri

Executive Vice President, Sohrab Project

Mehdi Mansouri, equipped with a reservoir and petroleum engineering background from the University of Tehran, including a Ph.D. in petroleum engineering, brings an invaluable depth of industry insight to his role. With nearly two decades of research prowess in petroleum and reservoir engineering, he joined Dana Energy in 2014, ascending from R&D leadership to project management. Currently, he serves as the executive vice president of the Sohrab Project, a cornerstone of Dana Energy’s promising ventures.

Rouzbeh Mircharkhchian

Executive Vice President, Oil Tools

Rouzbeh Mircharkhchian is the Executive Vice President of Dana Energy Oil Tools and is a visionary leader with a comprehensive skill set in business strategy, project management, and business development. His profound understanding of the oil and gas upstream market, coupled with contractual knowledge and business financial acumen, has driven the success of numerous ventures. Rouzbeh’s exceptional critical thinking and problem-solving abilities have paved the way for innovative solutions in the well-completion industry and transformative growth. As an inspiring leader, he fosters a dynamic and motivated environment within his team, consistently achieving exceptional results. 

Behnam Nouroozpour

Executive Vice President, Rig Solutions

Behnam Nouroozpour’s journey with Dana Energy began 13 years ago where he started as the Head of the Drilling Engineering Department. Later he was entrusted with the role of Rig Engineering Manager, and eventually, he went on to become a Project Manager.

During his time as project manager, he led challenging projects such as West Paydar 1 and 2, leaving an indelible mark of excellence. He concluded his tenure in this role overseeing the successful execution of the South Azadegan Drilling Project.

Recognized for his astute leadership and strategic vision, in early 2024, he was appointed Executive Vice President for Dana Energy’s Rig Solutions where he continues to contribute to our shared mission of excellence and innovation.

Ehsan Nosrat

Strategy Director

Ehsan is a dynamic professional responsible for defining the long-term vision and corporate strategic planning across all business segments. He demonstrates expertise in compiling strategies into comprehensive executive plans, overseeing budgeting and budget control, and skillfully managing high-level projects. Leveraging his profound knowledge and insights, Ehsan provides valuable analysis to support decision-making aligned with strategic planning and overarching corporate objectives. Through his effective leadership, Ehsan plays a vital role in guiding the business segments and the corporate entity towards the successful achievement of long-term goals.

Samaneh Samiei

Legal Director

Samaneh Samiei is a highly accomplished leader with over 15 years of experience. Her in-depth knowledge of the company’s operations and legal risks of the business helps the Board of Directors to better understand and navigate the complex legal issues associated with the company. As the head of the legal team, Samaneh oversees the operation of the legal department, manages contracts and regulatory compliance, and helps the directors to follow and implement legal rules and procedures. Her skills and achievements position her as an influential and supportive leader.