At Dana Energy, our ecosystem flourishes with vibrant individuals who are constantly evolving, and this has seamlessly woven into the fabric of our culture. In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, where continual advancement is the norm, we also deeply appreciate the significance of instilling such a mindset within our organization.


To actualize and embody these ideals and beliefs, we have implemented RiSE, our official employee training program designed to empower you in achieving your professional aspirations. Our training courses, facilitated by both internal and external instructors of your choosing, are aimed at enhancing your knowledge and expertise. We offer you the most suitable learning and development methods, tailored to your competency gap to make sure you excel in your career and RiSE above the challenges in your journey. With your own dedication and the support of your superiors, you will be well prepared for the next RiSE in your career.


In 2019, we introduced reWise–our leadership training and development program—to enrich the skillsets of our highly proficient leaders. reWise is not just a series of managerial courses but rather an attitude towards the infinite depth of the unknowns. The program aligns seamlessly with our core value of wisdom, which emphasizes the significance of continuous learning and growth. We consider this initiative to be among our most meaningful legacies, one that will continue to be passed down to future generations of Dana Energy leaders.


“Neshan” is the branded program of a process that represents a journey of performance management. This journey is primarily guided by interaction and dialogue between managers and colleagues, aiming to create a positive impact on individual and organizational performance. Throughout this journey, common objectives aligned with the organization’s overarching goals are established. Managers, through their guidance, steer the performance of colleagues and, at the journey’s culmination, showcase the capabilities and areas for improvement of their colleagues.


Expanding on our Learning and Development Programs, we have recently developed our very own in-house E-Learning platform, and we aim to enrich it every day to meet the educational needs of our organization.