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The South Pars gas field, shared between Iran and Qatar, holds the world’s largest natural gas reserves, symbolizing nature’s abundance. Beyond its geological significance, South Pars is globally recognized for its strategic importance and financial impact. Dana Energy’s journey began in 2008, contributing to phases 15 to 18B, constructing 44 gas wells with a 2 billion USD investment, tapping into Iran’s gas production potential. This megaproject’s complexity necessitates dynamic systems thinking for success. Dana Energy’s pursuit of excellence led to record-breaking achievements, positioning them as a premier South Pars developer. This legacy illuminates a path towards a brighter, more sustainable energy future.

  • Location Persian Gulf
  • Start Date 2008
  • End Date 2018

The South Pars gas field stands as a testament to the Earth’s hidden treasures which are shared between Iran and Qatar in the Persian Gulf. This gigantic reservoir of natural gas has earned its place as the largest gas field on the planet with its staggering reserves making it an example of nature’s abundance. Beyond its geological significance, the South Pars gas field has become a focal point of international attention due to its strategic location and global financial impact.

Our journey with the South Pars megaprojects commenced in 2008, with the development of phases 15 & 16 which was followed by our dedicated efforts in phases 17B & 18B, to totally construct and deliver 44 offshore gas wells, channeling investments totaling around 2 billion USD, all in the pursuit of exploiting our nation’s gas production capabilities.

Developing and harnessing the immense potential of the South Pars gas field is an accomplishment of modern engineering and ingenuity. Since such megaprojects are often associated with complexity and uncertainty, it demands a departure from conventional approaches to proactively have a dynamic system perspective revealing the cascading chain of events that shape the outcomes.

Moreover, the size and complexity of the South Pars drilling projects make it challenging to understand the causes and effects which require collecting all requirements by comprehending the complexities and interplay of countless influential key factors through adopting a dynamic system perspective.

In the dynamic realm of megaprojects like South Pars, our focus goes beyond mere record-breaking. We embrace complexity and uncertainty by understanding the intricate interplay of factors, ensuring successful outcomes that exceed expectations within challenging deadlines while upholding unwavering performance and quality.

Vahid Daneshkhah, Project Manager

Our company’s unyielding evolution is reflected in our pursuit of optimized drilling and well construction timelines. On SPD17B &18B project, we didn’t merely redefine timelines from spud to production; we secured clients’ satisfaction by achieving one of the shortest spuds to production times with the lowest net present values in the entire South Pars history without compromising on quality. Moreover, the stimulation duration of 34.5 days on platform 18B, set an all-time low for stimulation duration for an entire platform, shattering records and limits alike. This achievement wasn’t solely about breaking records; it was about satisfying our client’s expectations before the predefined challenging deadlines and achieving both performance and quality. Furthermore, our company has been one of the first companies to undertake a challenging SIMOPS operation by simultaneously drilling, well stimulating, and producing on platform SPD15 with successful satisfying results which are distinguished among the pioneers.

Continuous improvement is our brand by relentlessly analyzing our processes and operation as a result of close collaboration between our teams, clients, and partners which manifests itself in our learning curve as a testament to our agility and audacity.

Our projects in the South Pars proudly accomplished a string of outstanding achievements and our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement which has currently positioned us as the highest-ranked firm among the South Pars development operators by our clients.

 As we gaze into the future illuminating our dedication to innovation and excellence, Dana Energy has continuously evolved in creating a legacy that illuminates the path for generations and as we evolve, the South Pars-North Dome gas field remains an enduring testament to humanity’s ability to shape global energy dynamics and usher in a brighter, more sustainable future.

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