Belal Gas Field Development Project

Drilling Operations

Belal Field is located approximately 90km southwest of Lavan Island and 40km southeast of South Pars Field in a water depth of 65 meters. It is characterized by a domal structure with radiating faults caused by a salt penetration. The field consists of stacked reservoirs, primarily oil-bearing Surmeh (Arabs) formation and gas-bearing Kangan and Upper Dalan formations. Lower Dalan, Faraghan, and Zakeen formations are potential exploration prospects within this succession.

  • Location Persian Gulf
  • Start Date July 2021
  • End Date November 2023

The primary objectives of the exploration well were to vertically drill into the challenging unknown reservoir target area, specifically to appraise the Kangan and Dalan subterranean reservoir formations, as well as explore the deeper formations, namely Faraghan and Zakeen.

What makes this project distinguished is its exploration phase, which has significantly raised the profile of Dana Energy in offshore exploration projects. However, the implementation of this exploratory well, as part of an EPD project, faced significant challenges in terms of operation and cost control.

One of our main achievements was adapting to the limitations caused by the lack of a suitable offshore jack-up rig for the explorational challenges associated with drilling the 6” hole section. Furthermore, we have successfully prepared over 430 engineering, HSE, and project control documents that have been officially approved by the Client (PetroPars / POGC) as part of the project MDR.

The main burden was on Dana Energy’s personnel, who completed this project with their expertise, resilience, and hard work without major NPTs & LTA, regardless of the existing limitations. We defined the true meaning of teamwork.

Ali Edalatian, Project Manager

Belal appraisal/exploration well reached a total vertical depth (TVD) of 3683m in Sarchahan Formation, making it the deepest offshore well ever drilled by Dana Energy. In addition, we successfully ran and retrieved the MLS (Mud Line Suspension) system for the first time in Dana Energy.

Through outstanding cooperation among all parties involved, we have achieved an LTA record of 440,000 man-hours.

Advanced, extensive, and complex E-loggings have been performed, including:

  • Electrical Logging for non-reservoir sections:
  • CBL / VDL/ CCL/ GR (in 13-3/8” Casing) and SBT (in 9-5/8” Casing)
  • GR, Full-wave Sonic, and Neutron- Density (in 12-1/4” Open Hole)
  • Advanced Electrical Logging for reservoir sections (6” and 8-1/2” Open Holes):
  • Neutron- Density- Caliper- Resistivity, Spectral Gamma Ray, Full Wave Sonic, FMI, NMR logs and SBT (in 7” Liner)
  • VSP (Vertical Seismic Profile from TD to surface)

Also, the following data were obtained from the appraisal/exploration well:

  • Coring of 6” and 8-1/2” hole sections: 380m of Reservoir layers (in separate intervals)
  • Formation Pressure Testing and Bottom Hole Fluid Sampling (MDT) & PVT Analysis for each reservoir layer: K1, K2, K3, K4 (Water&Gas Zones), K5, Faraghan, and Zakeen.
  • Testing in reservoir sections:
    • 380m Perforation in Reservoir layers (in separate intervals).
    • Full bore DST, including acidizing and PLT, for each reservoir layer separately.
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