Dana Energy To Supply 30 Sets Of Completion Strings For ICOFC

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Dana Energy’s Oil Tools Business  has been awarded a new project by Iranian Central Oil Fields Company, to supply 30 sets of completion equipment with 13% chrome material and a working pressure of 5000 psi with V2 standard level, along with running and installation services.

This achievement has been made possible through our reliance on technical expertise, production capacity, and, most notably, our dedicated team of young engineers and operators. Moreover, it serves to strengthen our commitment to harnessing the domestic capabilities available within our nation as an integral part of our strategic approach.

Anticipating a punctual and high-caliber execution of the mentioned project, we aspire to assume a pivotal role in advancing the growth of the nation’s oil and gas sectors. The successful accomplishment of this endeavor holds the potential to significantly contribute to the development and progress of the country’s oil and gas fields, underscoring our commitment to these critical domains.

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