Golestan 2D Seismic Survey Finished Successfully

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Dana Energy successfully finished operation of “Golestan 2D Seismic Acquisition” project at the end of year 2013 on 31st of December. “Golestan 2D Seismic Acquisition” which was located in Golestan province had started on 22 Sep. 2012. Undertaking the project seismic data of operational lines as long as more than 1200 km was acquired, consisting of 12’156 shot-points and 11’974 vibrator-points. Also processing of the project was performed by Dana Energy Processing Center. The processing with the length of 1206 km and PSTM sequence was done in period of 22 May 2013 to 10 February 2014. The client of project was “Khazar Exploration and Production Company” (KEPCO.)

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