Unique Well Stimulation Vessel In Mideast Owned By Dana Energy

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Dana Energy owns a unique Well Stimulation Vessel in the Middle East since 2014.

The Brand New vessel carries all equipment required for applying the three commonly used well stimulation techniques, which help engineers achieve better flow characteristics in the reservoirs. The techniques include acid injection, Solvents Solution, Nitrogen Lifting and hydraulic fracturing. This vessel is able to offer all of these services simultaneously, a privilege which gives a unique characteristic to the 60-meter ship, compared to the Bureau Veritas (BV) class vessels currently available in the Middle East.

BV is the Paris-headquartered international testing, inspection and certification agency, which advises clients to produce high-quality goods and services to global standards, using its professional testing Instrument and inspection teams.

Of note, well stimulation is a treatment method that seeks to increase the rate of oil and Gas production flow from the reservoir in New or Work-over wells. It is used for situations where the natural reservoir flow characteristics are not favorable and need to be improved for effective oil/Gas recovery. Before 2014, none of the Iranian oil and gas companies owned a proper WSV, so they had to use foreign vessels to stimulate offshore wells, If allowed sanctions.

The WSV was originally build by Malaysia back in 2009, was bought by Dana Energy in 2012. It was later sent to the United Arab Emirates to be equipped for stimulation operations in Iran’s waters. Since 2014, the Iranian company has been using the vessel stimulate more than 100 wells in NIOC offshore oil/gas fields.

The environmentally friendly ship has a storage capacity of 90,000 gallons of acid, a storage capacity of 18,500 gallons of chemical additives, and a water maker with a capacity of 25 metric tons of water.

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