HR Camp: The Confluence of Corporation and Operations

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The transition from the traditional concept of personnel to the contemporary concept of human capital would not have been possible without the vital role People Development has played in this transformation in recent years. One of the key organizational strategies of Dana Energy in pursuit of creating fair and enduring development of our human capital is to facilitate integration between corporation and operational sites. This strategy is devised based on objectives such as effective retention plans, equality of opportunity in offering development paths, creating a strong sense of belonging within the organization by promoting internal networking and ultimately creating unfiltered channels for all employees to voice their concerns and be heard without having to go through the hurdles of organizational bureaucracies.

HR Camp is one of the events that was ideated and implemented based on the above-mentioned objectives. This annual event, held for the fourth consecutive year this year, took place across all our operational sites, and was carried out with a transformed form and content in comparison to previous years; more engaging and comprehensive. This year’s HR Camp included organizational updates, workplace culture workshops, effective communication workshops for developing soft skills, annual satisfaction surveys, mental health workshops, familiarization with development paths and processes, and finally, the Connect Sessions. *

The 1402 HR Camp was conducted across five operational sites, with three sessions held at Ahwaz Base, two at Haftkel Base, one at Rafi Base (Sohrab Project), one at Kish Base, and the final session at Dana Energy Oil Tools factory. In total, the autumn 2023 HR Camp brought together more than 350 participants, actively participating in programs that collectively accounted for 5116 educational hours.


* Connect refers to seasonal sessions across the corporation where the latest company updates, project milestones, and upcoming ventures are communicated and announced. These sessions serve as a platform for open discussion, allowing employees to voice their concerns, which are then heard and discussed openly with the aim of reaching resolutions. For operational sites, Connect is conducted once a year during HR Camp.

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