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Why and how Dana Energy looks at education differently

Dana Energy is founded on five core values: Safety, Respect, Integrity, Commitment, and Wisdom. Among those, “Wisdom” also makes the basis of our name, as “Dana [دانا]” means knowledgeable in Persian. We believe that education is the primary key for rapid and continuous growth. And that is why our approach to education is unique in energy industry.

Whereas most corporations focus mostly on the “information” aspect of knowledge through their “learning departments,” our “Employee Development department” considers knowledge as a combination of information, skills, and experiences. Our education plans mostly focus on “learning” through workshops and training events rather than the traditional approach of “teaching” through classes. The “development” aspect of our education system ensures that these courses consider personal growth as much as improving technical capabilities, what we call “Being Knowledgeable”.

Our performance management system “Neshan” (further discussed in another article) outputs are the main source of our need-assessment procedure and educational calendar. Targeting the best and the most reputable sources of training is the next step in this journey. As a result of our robust e-learning infrastructure, every one at Dana Energy, wherever they may be, can enjoy the taste of Knowledgeability. Holding the training sessions is not the last station. We measure what matters. Kirkpatrick model for training evaluation is most common method which help us get it done. The first two levels, Reaction and learning, are evaluated at the end of each course, and the third level, behavior, will be evaluated in next 3 to 6 months.

Despite Conid-19 pandemic in 2020, we never gave up education and hitted new records in online trainings. Providing individual competency matrix is the next big step in our education system which is planned for 2021.These matrixes consider different dimension of knowledge, e.g., Skills, Experiences, Information, etc. Comparing this matrix with each person’s job description helps design a more customized individual development plan (IDP). Making Dana Energy trainings most targeted and customized ever.

As Michel Angelo said “I’m still learning” at age 87, we believe that “We need to still do INVESTING.” Corporation growth can only be achieved through personnel growth. We also believe it is part of our CSR. The more people grow, the more industry and country benefits. Thus, education is not only our way of ensuring rapid and stable growth just for our own benefit, but a way to give back to our colleagues, community and society.

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