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Its summer and schools are out as usual. So are interns looking to use the best of this opportunity and gain some much needed experience. We have a few of them with us at Dana Energy Headquarters.

Dana Energy has never shied away from taking on Interns over the years. Since 2014, we have had the pleasure of teaching and training 16 interns, mostly in our Drilling Operations department. These students have been from Iran’s finest Institutes such as Sharif and Amir Kabir University and a few international Interns from Louisiana University in America and Petronas University in Malaysia.

The ability to take on interns year after year is one of our most important Human Resource strategy that allows us to create a pipeline of passionate, driven and knowledgeable individuals for our industry.

The internship we provide is an opportunity to gain valuable practical experience and learn about this exciting industry first hand from some of the nation’s leading professionals. During their time with us, interns are educated on the different business segments, how they relate, Dana Energy projects and learn how to analysis data for better decision making. Whilst shadowing one of our experienced employees, they are trained on projects and are actively involved in day to day business. Our aim is to show the interns what this industry has to offer and for them to discover their strength and weakness.

Over the years we have managed to strengthen our relationship with various institutes and universities to attract ambitious interns and achieve a high satisfaction rating. We hope all our interns feel the benefit during their time with us and go on to achieve bigger and better things.

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