Data Acquisition of Sialk’s Seismic Project Has Been Completed

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The data acquisition phase of Sialk’s seismic project has been successfully completed, marking another success story in Dana Energy’s history book. Located in Aran o Bidgol and Kashan, and with the survey covering area of 496.335 Sq.Km + 113 L.Km, Sialk’s 2D & 3D Seismic data acquisition phase was successfully completed and delivered to NIOC (Exploration Directorate).

In this project, vibrators and dynamites were utilized as the energy sources. Seismic wavefields were generated in explosive shots through the explosion of dynamites at a depth of 18 meters, utilizing the vibrator’s energy source as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative in desert and moorland projects.

The Sialk project’s team of experts executed 307 shoots in a single day (159 with dynamites and 148 with vibrators) in the 2D profile, which in and of itself, is a new record among Iran’s seismic projects.

Reaching such great heights is a true testament to the continued dedication of our committed individuals, for whom we are eternally grateful.

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