Our People, Conscience And Socially Responsible

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Our people, conscience and socially responsible


Dana Energy has always been responsible for the communities it operates in and our people are the embodiment of our commitment to this fact. Our people have shown time and time again their pledge to social responsibility through initiatives to develop and implement programs that meet the needs of the communities they are in.

On the anniversary of the unfortunate Kermanshah Earthquake, we want to salute the swift and humanitarian actions taken by our team on the Tandis project in November 2017 to provide support and help to the people affected by the event.

One of our important actions in the field of social responsibility is to be a helping hand should a community that we are in undergoes a disaster. The 2017 earthquake in Kermanshah province occurred near the Tandis project where our 3D seismic data acquisition team were situated. The team as well as providing financial support contributed to the humanitarian needs of the affected areas by:

• Providing tents, food, water and fuel to families whose homes were damaged

• Providing and sending non-cash aid such as detergents, hygiene, warm clothing, dry diet, water, dry milk and medicine to distant and less visited affected areas

• Dispatching two relief teams; physicians and clinicians along with ambulances to remote areas, which were difficult for ordinary people to access and provided health care and assistance to affected people

The areas covered by our medical team include Sar-e-Pol-e Zahab, Quicksheh, Nushirwan, Dehgir, Dar-e-Larasad, Sarab Zahab, Snowy, Shirin Ab and Three Tupan Azizi villages.

The help and support by our Tandis team continued months after the earthquake strike and they collaborated with Iran Red Crescent to ensure that the aid was distributed to needed areas.

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