Dana Energy Company, The Only Fully Private Company, Among The Qualified E&P Companies In Iran

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The Iranian Ministry of Petroleum selected 8 Iranian companies as local partners for international energy majors interested in investing in Iran’s oil and gas fields. Mohammad Reza Moqaddam, deputy petroleum minister for research and technology, told that Petropars, OIEC, Dana Energy, PetroIran, Mapna, Khatam ul-Anbia, IDRO Group, and Persian Oil and Gas Development Company are selected by the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum as the local partners for foreign energy firms.

The companies were selected from 37 Iranian candidates for partnering foreign companies in developing oil and gas projects in the post-sanctions setting, said Moqaddam.

All these companies are leading Iranian energy heavyweights and their partnership concerns only exploration and production (E&P) activities with international energy companies, he added.

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