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The Well Services business of Dana Energy has tried in the past decade to provide exceptional quality services which in some cases have been beyond employers’ expectations.

The unit’s standards are in many cases better than those developed by prominent multinational companies. While the country has been under crippling economic sanctions in the recent past, Dana Energy overcame its shortcomings and upgraded its standards regarding repair and maintenance, design, and engineering.

Our team of engineers and executives has worked hard to comply with various ISO standards, including those developed by the Australian-based QMS Certification Services. We won’t stop there. We continue our efforts to improve safety and quality standards to higher levels.

Dana Energy is the only Iranian oil and gas company that owns a BV (Bureau Veritas) class ship in the Middle East; however, company managers seek to upgrade the ship to an ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) vessel in the near future.

We must make sure our services work well for not only domestic employers but for the multinational giants, which are expected to enter the Iranian energy sector in the coming years. We are committed to the highest possible quality of service even if our employers do not ask for it.

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