Halliburton’s Cementing Technology Used In Iran

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Despite years of sanctions on Iran, Dana Energy has had a successful record when it comes to cementing and stimulation operations in offshore oil and gas fields. The private company has offered high-quality services that are compatible with those offered by global giants.

The company has managed to successfully cement 88 wells in the South Pars gas field – the world’s largest gas field Iran shares with Qatar in the Persian Gulf – since 2006. Part of this success can be attributed to former Iranian employees of Halliburton who joined Dana Energy after the American multinational corporation left Iran in 2005.

Dana Energy’s cementing and stimulation unit has managed in the past decade to provide high-quality material/additives and equipment to Iranian employers. The unit even managed to set up a modern equipped cement laboratory in the country, despite the imposition of economic sanctions.

Some of the wells cemented eight years ago by the company are still producing. That means modern cementing techniques used by the Iranian company significantly prolong the life of cement.

The company has currently been working on a plan to deliver lightweight cementing solutions for the first time in Iran. The solution will add to the value of services the cementing unit offers. Dana Energy already has a successful record in high-pressure zones that require heavyweight cement. The company was actually the first Iranian company ever able to use Micromax technology for the projects awarded by the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC).

Quality services, however, seem not to be enough for Dana Energy to compete with several local companies which have emerged since the lifting of sanctions. Although the company has high technical rates in the local market – ranging between 88 and 97 out of 100 – employers happen to award tenders to other companies over cost concerns.

Yet, Dana Energy is confident it will retain its market share, as multinational companies are arriving in Iran, and they care about the quality services it is offering.


Esmaeel Asgharnia,

Executive Vice President

Well Services 

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