Dana Energy Was Awarded A Contract To Drill Exploratory Wells

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It is proudly announced that in a tender with the presence of strong competitors best exemplified by the National Iranian Drilling Company, Petro Iran Company, and North Drilling Company, Dana Energy was awarded a contract for the provision of 72 rig months of well exploratory drilling and ancillary services by at least two 2000 horsepower drilling rigs. Under the policies and primary goals of the National Iranian Oil Company, this project will be carried out over three years (for each rig) via the acquisition of two drilling rigs to drill and test eight exploratory wells within the Iranian territory.

It should be noted that Dana Energy Company, with a private drilling fleet of three 2000 HP drilling rigs, has successfully completed the drilling of more than 15 exploratory wells throughout Iran. In recognition of this exceptional performance in Dana Energy’s track record, NIOC has assigned it the highest effective technical score.

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