Individual Development Program (IDP): How Do Adults Learn?

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The Individual Development Plan (IDP) at Dana Energy is a development program designed to enhance professional knowledge and skills, aligning with our unique competency model. This framework provides a clear roadmap for personal growth and paves the way for an individual’s professional journey. The primary objective of this program is to assist individuals in achieving their goals and enhancing their performance in their current roles.

We have implemented the IDP for executives and managers to identify their strengths and areas for improvement, enabling a culture of feedback and commitment. The program encourages managers to create their own personal development plans to enhance their skills.

The key tool utilized in this program is the 360 Assessment, which allows individuals to assess themselves and receive comprehensive feedback from their managers, colleagues at the same rank, and those they supervise. This assessment is based on Dana Energy’s competency model, including detailed competency descriptions for both managers and leaders.

Last year, 75 managers in the organization participated in the evaluation cycle. After receiving their 360 Assessment reports, they developed their personal development plans in meetings attended by their direct supervisor and an HR department facilitator. To facilitate this process, we conducted an IDP compilation workshop introducing various learning mechanisms and a catalog of personal development programs. Additionally, educational materials were provided to attendees to enhance their knowledge and skills in different areas.

Emphasizing the iterative nature of the Individual Development Program (IDP), this initiative undergoes continuous assessment and evaluation on an annual basis. This ongoing process is integral to ensuring optimal results and adapting the program to the evolving needs and objectives of our managers and leaders. 

Zahra Hatami
HR Business Partner

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