Utilizing Shuriken Reamer; Another Pioneering Success by Dana Energy

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As a successful business at the forefront of modern solutions, Dana Energy’s Drill Bit and Downhole Tools takes pride in employing one of the latest advanced tools in the drilling industry – the Shuriken Reamer. This innovative tool has been successfully utilized in our own West Paydar project and also in the Shurijeh project, carried out by Mapna Drilling Company.

We are proud to have received a certificate of appreciation from the aforementioned client, acknowledging our successful performance in effectively reducing the drilling time by approximately 30%, along with a commendable decrease in well-cleaning and borehole stabilization time by about 15%. In addition to enhancing drilling performance and reducing operational nonproductive time (NPT), the Shuriken Reamer has successfully mitigated the risk of pipe sticking and has reduced the time in casing and liner running.


Among the challenges encountered in the Shurijeh project were Non-Productive Time (NPT) related to Condition Trips, pipe sticking due to unfavorable well conditions, and occasional difficulties in running the casing to total depths due to well borehole collapse. As a result of utilizing Shuriken Reamer, these problems have been significantly reduced and resolved.

Shuriken Reamer is a viable alternative for conventional stabilizers, thanks to its unique design and the incorporation of PDC cutters in both the active and passive sections of the tool. This design results in a significantly smoother wellbore, and enhanced performance, which not only prevents consequential Non-Productive Times (NPTs) during casing running and extensive reaming but also allows for the application of more parameters to the drilling bit, thereby increasing overall efficiency.

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