Dana Energy Signs Strategic Contract with LGECO for West Paydar Project

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Earlier this month, Dana Energy solidified a strategic collaboration with Lule Gostar Esfarayen Company (LGECO). Considering the conclusion of the contract for “Engineering, Drilling, Completion, and Equipment Purchase for two appraisal wells and four MLT (multi-lateral technology) wells for the West Paydar project”, this collaboration marks a significant milestone in the successful progression of the project.

The scope of this agreement includes the production of casing pipes, specifically in 18 5/8 and 13 3/8 inches, with a total value exceeding 7 million euros. This collaboration is paramount for Dana Energy, as LGECO operates as the exclusive producer of casing pipes in Iran, making them an indispensable supplier for various projects across the country.

In a move to achieve the predetermined goals of the West Paydar project, the first official pre-inspection meeting (PIM) took place. The meeting was attended by our respected representatives from the Drilling Quality Control department, client representatives (PEDEC and ZNV), Lule Gostar Esfarayen Company, and all the other relevant partners involved in the project.

The outcome of this meeting, marked by consensus and comprehensive participation, resulted in the approval of inspection instructions for the production of 25 km of casing pipes and their accessories in various sizes and materials. This strategic collaboration with LGECO positions Dana Energy at the forefront of project advancement, ensuring a reliable supply of essential casing pipes for the successful progression of the West Paydar project.



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