Sialk’s Successful Completion and Haftkel’s Commencement

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Dana Energy celebrates significant achievements in the energy sector with the completion of the Sialk seismic project. Covering Aran o Bidgol and Kashan, the project’s 2D & 3D seismic data acquisition phase achieved a remarkable feat of 307 shots in a single day, solidifying Dana Energy’s leadership in Iran’s seismic endeavors.

Following the success of Sialk, we initiated the Haftkel-Nafte Sefid project, spanning 2,250 square kilometers across cities like Ramhormoz, Haftkel, Shushtar, Bavi, Masjid Suleiman, and Bagh Malek. This venture aims to identify and develop oilfields through the acquisition of 181,456 shots, showcasing Dana Energy’s dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility.

The Haftkel project features cultural diversity, housing three Iranian tribes—Tutif Arabs, Qashqai Turkic tribe, and Lor Bakhtiari tribe. Dana Energy’s pragmatic approach to beneficiary management aligns with its commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Striving for excellence, we have ensured compliance through rigorous processes, comprehensive training, and innovative solutions. The presence of a protected area further highlights our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Sialk’s achievement fuels Dana Energy’s drive as it continues shaping Iran’s energy landscape. The Haftkel-Nafte Sefid project encapsulates the company’s resolute spirit, propelling progress and innovation.

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