36 Times The Distance Between The Earth And The Moon

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After four years of continuous efforts, Tenge Bijar and Delavaran seismic data acquisition project was successfully completed in July 2022. Tang Bijar and Delavaran project was carried out in the two provinces of Kermanshah and Ilam. The project’s objective was to study the Bankol and Babaghir fields in the 2D and 3D parts that were completed with the satisfaction of “Iran Central Oil Fields Company” as the client. Pouria Najaei, senior manager of Dana Energy’s seismic projects, says: “This project was one of the most significant seismic projects in the country with difficult and complex environmental conditions. In most places, the topography was so rough that it could only move equipment and people by helicopter. Also, to comply with safety principles in inaccessible areas, we tried to use experienced climbing teams to pass seismic cables. The extent of this project was such that the total distance traveled by cars in the area of this project was about 13,950,000 km, which is equal to 36 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

He described that the scope of seismic operations for this project in the 2D part was 910 kilometers of seismic lines placed in an area of about 3,000 square kilometers, and in the 3D part, in an area of over 1,200 square kilometers. He also emphasized that a part of the 3D acquisition operation was carried out among the contaminated sites by Iranian and Iraqi mines, as well as the UXOs remaining from the Iran-Iraq imposed war. The process became possible by demining up to 384 square kilometers of these fields. He noted: “There were more than ten contractor companies, and more than 1,000 experts and laborers, and over170 vehicles were working in the project.” The senior manager of Dana Energy seismic projects mentioned that besides the harsh environmental and weather conditions, the outbreak of the Corona pandemic was much more serious and acute in a project that housed more than 700 people in its camps: ” We passed this crisis in this project, with accurate and preventive management approach. Vaccination of all people was done on-site while we implement the operation.”

And finally, some activities like building a mosque, equipping a health center, equipping a school, planting trees, participating in fires extinguishing forests and pastures, creating firebreaks, repairing nomadic and rural roads in the region, donating blowers to natural resource departments, building water- througs and maximum employment priority for local workforces are some significant achievements of the project in the field of social responsibility.

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