Best Well Completion Strategy Used In South Pars Project

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Dana Energy uses Monobore Completion as the best well completion strategy in its projects in the South Pars gas field, including for the wells it already drilled in Phases 15 and 16, is becoming a more common method to effectively develop tight-gas reservoirs.

Completion, which is the process of making a well safe, Efficient & ready for production by maintaining well integrity and sufficient barriers throughout the well life. Dana Energy uses completion equipment including Top Packer, Tie Back Seal on production CRA tubing with sub surface Safety valve and X-Mas Tree as fundamental barrier system between the reservoir and environment after perforating and stimulating the well as it required.

If the completion operation fails, wells do not function properly, imposing high costs on the contractor and client. For instance, one of the consequences of a failed completion process is that oil or gas might leak out into the annular space, or annulus – the void existing between production casing and tubing.

Given the fact that the completion process needs a detailed calculation, practical hands-on wellsite experience and high quality equipment to be implemented perfectly, Dana Energy purchased the equipment used in Phases 15 and 16 from Well Innovation – a Norwegian Technology and Innovation company within the Oil & Gas industry – and employed a professional team of at least two engineers from the same firm to manage the process under direct supervision of Dana Energy’s drilling supervisors.

Although it was the first experience of Dana Energy in the well completion business, the company has had a very good success record, as the completion operation was successfully completed in 21 22 out of 22 gas wells located in Phases 15 and 16. The only failure was as a consequence of non-standard Production, cause 7” TBG production Collapsed, for which the Company repaired the well & completed the workover operation in two weeks.

Dana Energy is committed to providing the best equipment combined with deep technical expertise when it comes to completion service.


Ali Edalatian,
Project Manager
Drilling Operations

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