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The story behind Dana energy’s most recent project in sustainable energy industry

Solar farms, also known as photovoltaic power plants, are the newest technology in the sustainable energy business, generating power through renewable sources and with almost no pollution. Electricity is a necessity in every modern nation. Without electricity, our societies will either shut down or will not operate efficiently. We have formed our lives around electricity, to the extent that we face rapidly growing demands.

For over a century, coal, fossil fuels, and nuclear power were the primary sources of generating electricity. But these non-renewable sources caused severe amounts of pollution. As more studies show climate change as a dire threat, and due to the infinite capacity of the sun, solar farms have gained more popularity over the last decade. They are not only clean and eco-friendly but also economically efficient. They have low maintenance costs, and their construction price is dropping every day due to Swanson’s law.

As part of our mission as an innovative corporate, Dana Energy has always looked for ways to develop the energy business in new sustainable ways. Iran has an average of 300 sunny days per year; it has vast flatlands requiring less cut and fill expenses and robust electricity infrastructure. With recent policies like 20-year long PPAs and price multipliers to battle inflation and changes in currency exchange rates, setting up solar farms are becoming financially feasible.

So, through a collaboration with GEP, we began our journey in this realm by constructing Kourdeh solar farm. Kourdeh solar farm is located near the city of Lar, in central Iran. With over 30 thousand 325-watt solar panels and 66 Inverter modules, in an area of 20 hectares, this power plant has a capacity of 10 MWs and generates an average of 50 MWs/h in a sunny day. Implementing robotic cleaning mechanisms ensures the highest rates of efficiency with almost no water consumption. Due to its proximity to the local electricity network and being adjacent to vacant flatlands, Kourdeh solar farm has a high capacity for expansion. It was connected to the national power grid on July 17, 2019, and provides Tavanir, the only legitimate buyer of electricity in Iran, through a 20-year long guaranteed PPA agreement.

We believe investing in sustainable energy is investing in the future of humanity and are currently studying to expand our collaborations and activities in this field.

This article was made possible with technical contributions from Rasoul Zinati & Hadi Dashtaki.

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