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Dana Energy is among rare Iranian companies that has successfully implemented enterprise resource planning (ERP) through IFS applications in order to achieve real-time performance and high-quality, integrated decision making.

ERP allowed companies to use a system of integrated applications to manage their business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. Our company has spent much time and energy to combine as many as 15 different software tools previously used by Dana Energy subsidiaries before it becomes a corporation.

IFS applications helped us put together the best of all ERP software solutions. IFS is an ERP vendor in the industry of asset management manufacturing, product management, field service management, and supply chain management software.

Our success was a great achievement since almost every Iranian company which has attempted to implement the IFS software in the past years has failed. So Dana Energy has a lead in this space.

We have implemented the majority of IFS modules, giving top managers an upper hand in making tough decision in a short time frame. Yet the full implementation of IFS modulus could take about one and a half years to complete, since the reengineering of the company is still underway.

IFS delivers us a single database that contains all data for the software modules, including manufacturing, supply chain management, financials, project management, human resources, customer relationship management and access control.

The IFS software has so far affected the inter-organizational relations in a positive way. Some 600 employees currently use the software in Dana Energy. I believe that ERP systems are at the forefront of the change from vertical to horizontal organizational structures.

We’ll be hoping to have it done in less than two years and be able to create a KPI (key performance indicators) dashboard. These indicators will help the company be a smart business which is incredibly efficient.

The experts who helped implement IFS in the company faced serious challenges in the past couple of years, buy they are now knowledgeable enough to not only complete the process but to provide consultation to other firms and agencies seeking to implement the key asset management software.


Yasser Mohaghegh Beheshti,
Managing Director of Dana System Co.

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