An Overview Of Drilling Operations Performance In South Pars

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Our Drilling Operations section covers all aspects of engineering and planning, procurement and third party contracting, drilling operations and logistic supply. Currently we are focused on mega projects in South Pars as drilling 44 wells on phases 15&16, 17B&18B with contracts exceeding 1.7 billion US-Dollars. South Pars Gas-Condensate field along with North Dome is the most giant known gas field in the world which is located in the Persian Gulf.

To manage and supervise the drilling operation and logistics, a multiplex base has been set up in Kish Island, which includes office, storage yards, warehouses and guest house used for entire needs and activities regarding the running offshore projects in the South Pars gas field. Since the delayed gas production along with the utilized drilling hardware’s comes with lost opportunity and a high cost, the main objective of all teams engaged in these EPD projects including the operation, engineering and performance team is focused on continuous improvement to ultimately meet project’s time and budget objectives and target.

Managing four phases simultaneously offshore and continuously evolving in performance requires a strong teamwork culture between the operator and the service companies to achieve an integrated real-time optimization process. Our performance in South Pars has generally improved with an accelerated learning curve with good performances in many operations highlighted as bellow:

1- Drilling 497 meters a day in well SPD16-06 and having a good consistent drilling performance in drilling all wells in phase 16. 2- Perforating more than 6000 meters less than two months with minimum nonproductive time. 3- Simultaneously performing rig-less acidizing while producing from wells on phase 16. 4- Simultaneously performing acidizing and drilling while producing on phase 15 as a unique job in the region with successfully managing the safety challenges and preparations.


Vahid Daneshkhah
Project Manager
Drilling Operations

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