Design Thinking for Managers; an Investment in Innovative Decision Making

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In a rapidly evolving world where traditional problem-solving methods often fall short, the necessity for a fresh approach becomes undeniable. In this light, Design Thinking is a methodology that offers a structured yet creative framework to tackle complex challenges. As the business landscape transforms, corporations find themselves in need of a paradigm shift in their approach to tasks, projects, and most importantly, their workforce.

To ensure that we keep pace with these changes, Dana Energy recently took proactive measures to provide our managers with the necessary tools to excel in this dynamic environment. With our continuous commitment to learning and development, we organized an intensive 8-hour Design Thinking course for 90 of our managers. In addition to addressing the aforementioned objectives, the purpose of this course was to enhance specific competencies that we value in our managers: innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.

As the world continues to evolve, Dana Energy remains dedicated to enabling a culture of continuous learning, growth and innovation. Through initiatives such as the design thinking course, we invest in the ongoing development of our workforce, reinforcing our commitment to enhancing both individual capabilities and the collective success of our company.



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