Internal Instructors: A Win-Win Mechanism

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Self-confidence and the utilization of internal expertise have always been key characteristics of Dana Energy. Fortunately, we benefit from knowledgeable and experienced colleagues in our organization, enabling the successful implementation of the internal instructors’ program by the Human Resources department. The objective of this initiative is to leverage organizational potential and provide a platform for the spread of knowledge and skills throughout the organization, in alignment with the institutionalization of wisdom as our core value.

Competency levels at Dana Energy span from zero to four, with level four representing instructor proficiency. Associates aspiring to become recognized as internal instructors must attain level four competency in their chosen field. To achieve this, interested candidates should declare their readiness and participate in the Train The Trainer course (TTT). They are then required to prepare a presentation file on the selected subject and deliver it to the competency appraisal committee. During this presentation, as well as proficiency in the technical aspect of their curriculum, the candidates showcase essential soft skills, such as effective communication, time management, emotional intelligence, and creativity.

Following the presentation, the committee reviews the candidates’ performance. If the qualifications are confirmed, candidates can assume the role of the instructor in that specific field. A feedback report, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement, is provided to them to further enhance their skills, and those who successfully meet the requirements receive a certificate, validating their qualifications.

Over the past two years, more than 160 training courses, accounting for 20,000 man-hours, have been conducted by our internal instructors. The effectiveness of these courses has been reported to exceed 86%.  Currently, Dana Energy has 33 selected internal instructors, and this list is regularly updated as we strive to utilize the full potential of our colleagues.

The presence of internal instructors within the company has created a win-win mechanism, benefiting the instructors themselves, the organization, and our employees. This mechanism also enables instructors to further enhance their capabilities through knowledge sharing, reduces the company’s training and development costs, and provides everyone with the chance to participate in a collective effort toward personal and professional development.   



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