SPE And Entrepreneurship In Oil And Gas

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Sharif University of Technology hosted their annual start up and entrepreneurship seminar in the oil and gas industry at their School of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering earlier this month.

This seminar was organized by Sharif University student branch of the International Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). Alongside a great public and student turn out, an astonishing panel of guest speakers were present to pass on their knowledge and insight regarding this extremely competitive and challenging industry for future entrepreneurs.

The guest speakers were as follows:

Mr. Iravani Chairman and CEO of Dana Energy Company
Mr. Mousavi Rahpeyma President of the Society of Engineers and Chairman at Fouman Chimie
Mr. Peyvandi CEO of Tappico
Mr. Tahmasebi Chairman of Pars Drilling Fluids

The speakers covered the prospect of startups, how to be successful, challenges for potential entrepreneurs and the use of knowledge based institutes in the industry. We also heard personal accounts from each speaker regarding their successes and how they started.

Mr. Iravani talked about the prerequisites for a successful entrepreneur as being; self-belief, finding a unique selling point for your business, humility and knowledge. In addition, he sees the future prospect of startups in the petrochemical sector.

All in all, the seminar had a positive outlook on starting a business in this industry regardless of the hardship and challenges at hand. Especially, under the current climate and national goals set for this industry, it is of high importance to guide and invest in the young knowledgeable and motivated individuals in order for significant achievements to be made.

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