Standing Together Against Covid-19

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Standing Together Against COVID-19.

A summary of Dana Energy’s efforts to battle Coronavirus.

In only a few months, COVID-19, or Coronavirus, has become one of the most challenging issues humanity has ever faced. It has impacted almost every nation, taking lives, damaging businesses, and spreading fear in the hearts of people. In these trying times, no business is safe from harm, but we believe the lives and comfort of people to be the most valuable. So as part of our CSR, and as a sign of our appreciation for the hard work and sacrifices of healthcare professionals, we donated our new year’s gathering budget to hospitals through medical supplies.

We count our employees as our most valuable and irreplaceable asset. Therefore, ever since the beginning of the CoronaVirus outbreak in Iran, we followed WHO and CDC guidelines thoroughly, trying to take every possible measure to reduce the adverse effects and dangers it would impose on our colleagues. We implemented strategies to allow our employees to work remotely, providing them with corporate VPNs and exclusive VoIP access to their corporate lines, and thus limiting their physical presence to the minimum. All meetings with more than five attendees are to take place through Skype. We believe training and education to be an essential part of our development plans; therefore, we continued our courses through E-learning platforms, recording them for those who can’t participate. To better tailor these courses for the current situation, we added some modifications for managers, e.g., principles of resilience and managing the efficiency of remote work. We also designed micro-learning programs, e.g., conflict resolution at home and principles of remote work, for all employees. To boost morale, we broadcast informative content through corporate portals and social media outlets.

But as the nature of our business dictates, some of our colleagues can only operate through tools available on site. On the other hand, we collaborate with many different contractors. So other measures were needed to ensure the safety of our workspace. We recruited a new HSE specialist to oversee safety measures regarding COVID-19 specifically. Our receptionists check the body temperature of clients, contractors, and employees at the entrance. There are disinfectants on every floor, and employees are provided with them on demand. All washroom taps are replaced with automatic ones. Janitors are provided with masks and latex gloves and are obliged to use them in the workspace. We disinfect the elevators every 20 minutes and put napkins inside all of them and disinfectants at their exits.

Coronavirus may be a test for all of us, but we believe that together, with love and unity, we will overcome this crucial challenge.

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