Drilling, Production And Stimulation & Clean-Up

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Producing gas to fulfil the required energy, Drilling new wells to develop the field, and Stimulate & Clean-Up finished wells to enhance the production rate and well efficiency, all at the same time, same place.

Our well construction section successfully conducted three simultaneous operations known as SIMPOS or TRIOPS in South Pars gas field SPD15, includes Drilling, Production, and Stimulation & Clean-Up operations.

The operation has been carried out with collaboration of COSL Craft jack up rig, SPD15 Production Platform and Acidizing Boat, under the management of Competent personnel who has demonstrated that they have the knowledge, training, and experience required to perform such operation under safe standards to identifying existing and predictable hazards and has authority to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate them. Above Three operation, Drilling, Production, and Stimulation & Clean-Up operations, are multiple independent operations that has been carried out on different location of interconnected area of Jack-Up rig, production platform and Acidizing Boat at the same time. This kind of operation is very unique due to its high risk hazards and as it required well organised cooperation of all involved teams.


Ali Edalatian
Project Manager
Drilling Operations

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