Dana Energy Wins Seismic Reprocessing Tender for Farzad-B Gas Field

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Dana Energy’s Geophysical Services has successfully won the tender for the reprocessing of marine seismic data for the Farzad-B gas field in the Farsi Block, which covers an area of 900 square kilometers. The development plan for this gas field was awarded to Petropars in 2021, with Petropars and Pars Oil and Gas being the contractors for this project. The purpose of this project in this shared field is to improve subsurface images and resolve the geological ambiguities present in the legacy vintage.

The reprocessing project for Farzad-B field will be carried out jointly with the MiMGO company from Russia, as a foreign partner, and by taking advantage of the capabilities of Dana Energy’s experienced professionals and advanced hardware and software equipment.

This reprocessing project includes activities that are on the edge of technology at the global level; operations including Anisotropic Pre-stack Depth Migration, Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) to obtain a high-resolution velocity model, mapping of fractures and faults by Diffraction Imaging and estimation of energy absorption parameters by Tomography (Q-Tomography). It is noteworthy that the latest two technologies are being implemented for the first time in a real project in Iran by Dana Energy. Additionally, our Geophysics team has developed local software, which will be utilized to process this dataset.

The initial timeline for this project is set at 12 months. However, in the event of optional tasks being added to the scope of work, the schedule may be extended to 21 months.

In closing, we are proud to announce that Dana Energy has emerged as the undisputed leader in this tender, securing the highest technical score among all competitors. This remarkable achievement emphasizes our commitment to operational excellence and sets the stage for a future defined by innovation and success.



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